6 Untold Side Effects of Masturbation

At this point, you may have attributed your masturbation program to science: you are losing something, feeling well, feeling well, and then it’s over. You feel relaxed. But what happens to your body when you masturbate? What are the physical and emotional side effects?

To make it clear, although you’ve heard city legends and myths, when you were young, if you masturbate, you will not have any bad things. “Masturbation, also known as measure, is harmless. During this period, “said sex therapist Dr. Tom Murray. “This is a normal and natural expression of the sexual” I “.

Although there are too many things like masturbation, the general consensus in the world of medicine and psychology is that it becomes a problem when it begins to deprive you of the ability to function effectively in society or relationships. “If you miss a date or a social event, because you want to stay at home and masturbate, I’ll be cautious,” said Amanda Pascucci, a certified sexual therapist and author of “The Time of Play: The Sex Book.”

But in most cases, if masturbation does not interfere with your daily life, then there is no reason not to. “If nothing happens, why not meet with yourself and your fantasies?” Pasikukko said.

Fu, now that we’ve found out, read on to learn about the amazing benefits of hunting for monkeys.

1 # Masturbation makes you happy.

When you have an orgasm, your brain is filled with dopamine and serotonin. This so-called chemical “feel good” will make you happy. “Sex orgasm is the largest non-drug dopamine,” says Dr. Gloria Brame, clinical colorist, “MensHealth.com said.

2 # You relieve stress.

You have a reason why you feel that all your problems are melting after you have reached a good apogee: they are all for your body. Pasciucco said: “Relieving stress and muscle tension can calm the central nervous system and strengthen testosterone.” The end result is incredibly happy, sipping – the feeling of margaritas on a private beach.

3 # You will sleep like a child.

If you are one of about 30-40% of people with insomnia, you can try every sleep help in the sun – but perhaps you really need a good night’s sleep. “People report that masturbation can improve mood and mental health,” Murray said. “[And] masturbation helps many people sleep better.”

4 # This can ease your headache.

Headache? A study conducted in 2013 showed that, although it is not a medicine in itself, for almost one-third of migraine sufferers, achieving orgasm can reduce the effects of migraine.

5 # Your sex life will improve.

If you often masturbate, you know exactly where you are loved to touch, how you like to touch, how long and so on. Once you are satisfied with your sexual response, you can better communicate this to your partners, which makes sex more fun. As Paskyukko said: “Masturbation can help you understand your sexual response and thus improve the quality of your sex life.”

6 # You can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Although we are not sure why many studies have shown that frequent ejaculation through sexual solo or partner activity “can improve prostate health and can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer,” Murray said.